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Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday parties are $300 for 10 or less kids ($50 per additional child) OR $350 for 11-20 kids ($20 for additional kid).  

Friday, Saturday and Sunday parties are $350 for 10 or less kids ($50 per additional child)  OR $400 for 11-20 kids ($20 per additional kid).

Parties are a maximum of 2 hours and include 2 hours private access to the party room


  10 or less children

    11-20 children

Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday



Friday, Saturday or Sunday



Additional Kids

(Maximum of 30 children)



Kids Plays will set the table and clean up after the party and provide anything else needed such as extra cups, forks. 

*No party assistants provided. 

*Bring your own non-slip socks or you will be required to purchase a pair for $3 each for ADULTS and CHILDREN. (Non-slip socks are not included in the party booking price)

There is a charge for $100 for exceeding the time limit of 2 hours in the Party room

The height limit of 5ft and age limit of 13 years and under is strictly enforced for all party guests and attendees. 

Food and drinks including Pizza, chicken tenders, and chicken wings should be ordered online at least 48 hours in advance of the party. Drinks include bottled water, honest juices and soda. (Food and drinks are additional cost and are not included in the party booking prices) 

Bringing your own food to the party room for a scheduled birthday party is allowed but a fee of $20 is assessed. Anything other than cake, giant cookie, cupcakes or ice cream will be considered outside food and is charged the $20 fee.

The $75 reservation fee is non-refundable and will be applied to the final balance on the day of the party.

***Due to limited seating capacity we allow no more than 2 guardians per child in the play area and party room***

Private facility rental available on Mondays or during after-hours for $500 for two and half hours. 

Refer to the FAQs for additional information or contact us with questions.

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